La Carte


Soft-boiled egg
29 €
Fried of breadcrumbs, fricassee of white asparagus with Colonnata bacon
Roast juice & "Barbera" vinegar
The Atlantic Prawns
30 €
Crunchy baking parchment parcel in the style of Mr. Robuchon
Basil Pistou
Escabeche Mackerels
27 €
« Mimosas » of kippers
Sour farm cream
Melba of spelt bread
Sea carpaccio / depending on availability
35 €
Quinoa "eastern tabbouleh"
Green asparagus
28 €
Vinaigrette sauce, another in ice cream
Orange Syrup, parmesan crumble


John Dory of breton fishing
50 €
Steamed fillet, 'lemon thyme'
Shellfish stew and artichokes with slightly salted butter
Papillon with squid ink
Sea bream
58 €
Filet cooked in "provençale"
Green vegetables simmered in cooking juices
The Gurnard
35 €
Crispy fillet with oregano, others in fine brandade
Condiments with Mediterranean fragrance


Milk-fed lamb from Pyrenees
48 €
Fillet cooked in a pan
Spring Vegetables with Herb Butter
Mr Robuchon mashed potatoes / Savory Juice
Young pigeon
50 €
Roasted in casserole dis
Foie gras and grilled potatoes / brocolis mousseline
Herbs juice
35 €
Veal stuffing braised like a Marengo
Parmesan cream


15 €
« All about greed »
Ripened Cheeses
15 €
Our selection of the moment
The praline
18 €
Intense hazelnut palet from Piedmont
Yuzu sorbet
16 €
« Freshness and greed »
Tartlet of tradition / « red berries »
18 €
Choice of sorbets
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